Inmate #720

Sometimes I forget I am actually crazy. I’m always shocked when someone points out irrational behavior or unhealthy habits. I am trying so hard to maintain control over this. I’m held prisoner inside of my own head and its maximum security; no way out. I try to warn people up front that I haven’t learned to tame myself…I really just want peace of mind. I don’t want to be driven by impulse. I’ve lost control of this plane and I’m nosediving, hurtling towards my death at hundreds of miles per hour. I don’t know how to get free.

6 thoughts on “Inmate #720

      • Oh yeah. I forgot our lives are mirror opposites. In that case, you’re in big trouble because I am all the way crazy. But honestly, I know what it’s like to be continually jolted by the reality of “healthy” thoughts and ideas. You walk around thinking you’re normal and then you realize you are all screwed up.

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