Why Don’t You Love Me

I usually make it a point to hate on Beyonce, for no other reason than the fact that it’s so unfair that she’s so freakin beautiful and talented. Life is just so awesome for pretty chicks, right? Maybe not so much. Watching her flawless face crying prettily and lamenting “Why don’t you love me?” endeared me to her and made me realize that we are not that different from each other.

What she expressed in this song is a sentiment that can bring even the hottest of bitches to their knees. Everyday I hear beautiful women talk of loneliness and sharing messages of longing on social media trying to satiate some need of being wanted. It’s not unheard of to seek out the validation and approval of others, and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. It’s a message; a generic message to reach just the one. The one who snuck underneath your skin and permanently resides in the fold beneath your heart. The one that makes your pulse rate quicken in reaction to an innocent thought, and the one you dare to dream about although you know that life is not made of fairytales and it will only ever be a fantasy. You look in the mirror and your eyes aren’t as bright as before, your smile no longer alluring, your body no longer shapely. People may look at you in desire and envy while you’re out and about, but you know in your heart that you’re ugly, because that one person can’t see just how beautiful you are.

There’s nothing not to love about me… I’m lovely.

(Video Courtesy of BeyonceVEVO)

2 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Love Me

  1. I love to see pretty girls on their knees, coughing and drooling, makeup running and smudged crying “why are u doing this to me?” love it! Love all your posts and i do read them ALL but his one touched me.

    • Ummm, not what I meant by bringing hot bitches to their knees, but I will never censor or judge what you get out of what I write. Glad you enjoyed

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