Merry Mother Freakin Christmas

Christmas IS all around and I’m really just not that into it. It’s a frightening time of judgmental family members and random ex ppl you used to sleep with texting holiday greetings with an inviting “…” on the end.  Over it 😦

This morning I woke the kids up and did the standard operating procedure. I felt a pang of guilt that the only gifts they had to open were from an aunt that lives thousands of miles away, that came out of a UPS shipping box and should have been wrapped by me but were not. Fortunately, I got over that guilt real fast. As upfront and honest as I am with this blog, I plan to be the same with my kids. Life is nothing but a build up of hoopla and prettily wrapped gifts that you’ll open and realize whoever gifted them never really knew you at all. I don’t want my kids to believe the hype, I want them to be happy in their realities and to somehow capture that innocent and special thing within them that caused them to happily scream “Box!!!” when I brought the plain cardboard package into the room. They had no clue what was in it, and knowing their mom like they do it very well could have been empty, but it was something new and exciting thrown into their lives and they were willing to take it on with optimism and sheer delight. Whatever the word for that is, I want to bottle it up and sell it to the world.

Merry mother freakin Christmas…

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