Day 30

Author’s Note: Lastly, this is my favorite poem, very simple and the story of my life. I have a bee in flight tattooed on my hip to symbolize this concept. Sometimes we can be so busy in love with love that we never settle down and enjoy what’s real…


A bee’s kiss upon every flower
Drunk with the power
Of loving so many


Day 29

This poem is truly awful…my least favorite of all time

My emotions, I can touch them, that wasn’t always so
An awakening so subtle
Dissolve these barriers, break the levees

Life opens up when you least expect it
Disengaged from the outside world
I sank, withered away; a thirsty flower
Blossom, decide to be brave
Stay away from what I think I know
For someone that’s afraid to grow

My emotions, I can touch them
That wasn’t always so

Day 28

Author’s Note: I just wrote this a few minutes ago while talking to a friend about the concept of being numb to emotions

He says he’s incapable of feeling, claims that he’s gone numb
And it makes me wonder where all the soul in his eyes comes from…

Sometimes the love that we keep stored within
Is the key that leads us to feeling again
Passion is a snowball, travels downward as it gains
The momentum builds slowly but will result in dramatic change

Day 27

Author’s Note: wrote this one in high school!


Sometimes it’s good to get away from this place
Just seeing you is a means of escape

You distract me–attract me
Everything you do counteracts my emotions; the way I feel
My lips become sealed

I’m distracted by the sight of you, wanting to get to know you
Contact me, attack me!
Whatever you feel is needed; did you see as the sweat beaded across my forehead
My brow
I have to have you now

You’re such a distraction to my everyday actions
I demand satisfaction to follow up this reaction
I need traction, because I feel like I’m falling for you
Everything that you do, affects me
Connects me to all that I’ve missed
I’m distracted by my longing for your kiss

Day 25

Author’s note: this poem is a repost from a poem I wrote years ago and posted on the site awhile ago

Rose bush with sharp thorns that scrape and bleed
I was injured by beauty, brought down to my knees
I am ashamed of the person I’ve grown into
Silently waiting for you to fall in, too

You’re better when you’re yearning, wanting me from afar
I am better when I am jaded, sarcastic, heart hard
We mixed up the roles and fumbled around on stage
Forgetting that people only worsen with age
We missed the chance when we were young and free
When you were pure you and I was vanity
Soft kisses, hard couches, my fingers in your hair
You led the way and abandoned me there
So much time has passed since I first let you in
Your home within me lies in ruin

Day 23


He says, you’re no mystery to me; I know who you are
The trust I have for him I can throw him as far
His eyes always half open hiding secrets beneath
His hair all around him…

Before I caught myself I almost fell
Enraptured by the sound of the rattlesnake’s tail
I wanted to be bitten, experience the poison
Let it course through my veins, allow the pain to seep in

I allowed him to fill all my vacancies
Create in me a false intimacy
And before I relinquished my destiny
I withdrew and restored my agency

*Power comes not from reciprocity
but from the respect for myself I am able to maintain each time I choose to put my heart at risk. I will overcome you