Day 3


I want you
Soul bled out on the floor
I want to taste

You and everything. I want my tongue free to explore the length of your body. Absorbing your story with every touch of your surface. I want to bury my face in you; consume and devour. I see you and my mouth waters I feel the emptiness only your body can fill. My wetness to melt away your emotional wall. Every inch of you should be mine. I’m touching, I’m tasting; you’re asleep and I’m waking. I’m scratching, I’m biting; you’re resisting, I’m fighting.

Give it to me, all that I ask. The flat of your belly, the long of your lash, the pout of your lip, the white of your smile– these words need no music they accompany silence, echoing heartbeats fast and intense. Perhaps what you cannot give in time, you sacrifice in body and give me what’s mine.

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