Day 25

Author’s note: this poem is a repost from a poem I wrote years ago and posted on the site awhile ago

Rose bush with sharp thorns that scrape and bleed
I was injured by beauty, brought down to my knees
I am ashamed of the person I’ve grown into
Silently waiting for you to fall in, too

You’re better when you’re yearning, wanting me from afar
I am better when I am jaded, sarcastic, heart hard
We mixed up the roles and fumbled around on stage
Forgetting that people only worsen with age
We missed the chance when we were young and free
When you were pure you and I was vanity
Soft kisses, hard couches, my fingers in your hair
You led the way and abandoned me there
So much time has passed since I first let you in
Your home within me lies in ruin

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