Musical Post: Wicked Games

I wouldn’t say that you are under my skin but you reside somewhere just above it—skimming my surfaces and opening my soul like a flower in bloom. I don’t think I want you but I will take you for a while.

When you land here I will feed you. I will touch you and laugh; allow you to bring out intensity in me that I don’t feel the need to hold back. Make me feel free, make me savor that feeling. I will milk it for its worth; bask and enjoy until time to carefully unhook it and let it swim back out to sea…

I know you don’t love me but I feel enough to pretend. I sometimes get carried away but I know you don’t love me and it’s ok. The moist residue on my forehead where you placed your last kiss, dirty sheets and echoed laughter never confuse me. You give me something I need as your darker soul eclipses mine and we come together to meld these things carefully, never letting our hearts enter into the fusion. It’s making love to a mirror staring back at me. The things I love about myself and those I abhor come together in you and I hate you for it, but I understand it connects me to you. You give me something I need but I don’t need you; as you lay here with me my body feeds you…

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