No Scrubs

How my text messages looked before I had a car:

Him: Hey, how are you?
Me: I’m ok…you?
Him: I’m good. Did you get your car fixed yet?
Me: Nope.
Him: Oh, I thought you were going to get it fixed when you get paid???
Me: I don’t really have the money for all that right now
Him: *radio silence*

And now that I’m driving…

Him: Hey stranger, you driving yet?
Me: Yeah, I ended up just buying something new
Him: Oh yeah? What’d you get?
Him: Come see me
Him: Bring a bottle…

I didn’t realize that not having a car and taking public transportation everywhere made me a scrub. I miss the good old days when a guy would actually pick you up if he wanted to see you. With social media blowing up with male opinions about broke bitches, etc I can’t help but just laugh to myself. I’m still a broke bitch…just on wheels…

3 thoughts on “No Scrubs

    • Exactly! Absolutely insulting and the worst part is its not the one guy. This is a combination of interactions w a few guys. Terrible

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