Something to Do

I’ll be your something to do,  if you find yourself bored
If you’re wandering and don’t remember what you came here for

I’ll be your something to do, if you find yourself alone
If you’re still missing her and that house you made a home

I’ll be your something to do,  just let our bodies intertwine


While you hold onto dreams of her and I pretend that you are mine

I’ll be your something to do, I’ll lick every tear
Make you glad that you found me bruised and damaged here     
Heal me with your sorrow and let me hold onto you
Distract me from my pain, please give me something to do

Here Comes the Pain

It’s the beginning part that I fear. It’s always the worst few months of pain, and I find myself wanting to scream out loud to drown the maddening sound of my thoughts. It feels like a form of dying and I just have to get past the hump of those few months and I know I’ll be ok.

A force field will form over me and I will become numb, drifting through life alone and somehow being able to forget that I’m lonely. I will sleep long and dream empty but I won’t feel anymore and it will be beautiful. I wish I could skip ahead to that day but for now: here comes the pain…

Lie down right here in my filthy room
Cover me with your powers to see right through
This careful facade and love of frivolous pleasures
This simple heart and mind that was once so clever
Now drained of the energy to reason clearly and to feel
Too weakened to determine your place in truth and surreal
And too frightened to ask if you are actually mine
Or are you holding onto my hand while biding your time
Enjoying the opportunity to take from me
What little I have left that I give to you