In the Land of Milk and Honey


When I see him

I drink in his dark skin; watch as he watches me with his cream-in-coffee eyes

As they pierce through my essence, my authencity

I try to hide, no need to try— he appreciates everything about me

Pauses mid-conversation just to tell me I’m pretty

Touches my face in wonder and sings to me softly

Waits patiently when I interrupt him to say silly things

He is my milk; supplements my soul with his vitamin D

And I want so much to be his sweet honey


I found him standing 6 foot 5 inches lean, sunflower in a garden full of weeds

I knew his very existence would exceed expectations and silence unspoken pleas

At first touch I knew he was fashioned for me, solely

with painstaking attention to detail

…one sharp inhalation of breath, I braced myself and fell

For the gentle way he speaks to me, for his calming intensity

His well-groomed beard, and his humility

His very presence teaches and has made me more aware

That all men don’t have to raise voices or pull roughly upon your hair

He commands my submission by treating me like royalty

I serve him; along with my heart lays my loyalty

To him and everything that he stands for; I pour

 out and will replenish if he asks more



I desire to be here

In this land I don’t want for anything

Whatever I ask I know he will bring before the request can even escape my lips

He’s a provider; fashioning a heaven for us with Netflix nights and Ikea trips

There is underrated beauty in his consistency

In his communication, his passion, his urgency

In the unabashed way he proclaims his need for me

In his possession of my body as he spills his seed in me

In the skip of my heartbeat when our eyes make contact

His possessive hand on the small of my back…

I was depressed and too drained to give of my affection

Until he came to me, ethereal in spite of his imperfections

Lying in his arms is peace and bliss

Time spent alone, I long for his kiss

His presence has altered my existence– I will never be the same

His voice is poetry to my ears, his smile white gold sunshine rays

He is my milk; supplements my soul with his vitamin D

I pour into him, smooth, sticky sweet honey


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