Can Kylie Even Twerk?


Aww cute (-_-)

I feel like it’s a legitimate question since apparently that’s all that black women are good for. We are paraded around in music videos, our huge twerkin asses at your nightclub promotions but when you settle on that swanky couch in the VIP section it’s not us that’s on your arm. And I really wish someone would explain to me why it seems black women get so judged and shitted on for the same hoe behavior that women of all colors engage in. 

Amber Rose = 40 bags of dicks

Kim Kardashian = 40.5 bags of dicks

Who’s the bigger hoe? Amber Rose, of course, because she’s darker, is part black and identifies with black culture. Black women with big booties get leered at on Instagram, and non-black women get magazine covers and become wives. Gtfoh!  Why does John Legend’s chick get a ballad while Usher’s chick gets told to go make that money on the stripper pole?

But, as usual, I digress. The point is: a hoe is a hoe is a hoe, and just because  the hoe you brought home to mom isn’t black doesn’t mean you can make her into a housewife. You can date whoever you wish of whichever race, that’s the beauty of modern day culture, but when black men start coupling with other races and feeling the need to belittle or downgrade black women I have a problem. We are not a stepping stone. Don’t have us hustling and holding your broke ass down until someone discovers your mix tape or gives you that promotion–then thank the Ariana Grande’s of the world for being your inspiration. Just…STOP!


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