He was 22. Time of thought; 2:57am

He was right about the birds beginning to chirp as early as 3am. I can hear them now just outside my window. I always admired those random observations of his–you know, he paid so much attention to detail about everything.

Except me, that is. ..

Undive/Middle River: Salvador Dali Tribute

Happy Birthday to my favorite artist, Salvador Dali!

To honor and celebrate this day, each year I try to collaborate with my best friend (another favorite artist and painter) Traci, and I’m really excited about our plans this time around!

Tune into the blog all this week as we combine the world of creative writing with modern art, as I’ll be sharing poetry and writing pieces to go along with her visuals. I feel honored to be involved in this collaboration. Traci is an up and coming artist who produces bold works that never cease to pull at my heart strings and inspire me to be better, work harder and feel all the things. Please please follow her blog: A Purple Paintbrush, and visit her website www.tracilturner.com to view and purchase more of her works.


Undive ~ Traci L. Turner

I swim, to the middle of your river and
Let me drown
In my own expectations and frivolities– all the lies you’ve said to me
The scent of you all over me
Washed in these waters; I can’t get clean
Or rid of the stink of reality
If the illusion of truth lies on the surface
I choose to sink
Never to emerge from underneath
Too broken and damaged

Naomi and Dali: Anticipation

Let’s talk about SEX! …and ART
I started off blogging by doing a weekly guest writing spot on the BFF’s art blog in celebration of my favorite artist and person Salvador Dali (May 11). Each year we try to merge our creative worlds by doing some collaboration of art and writing—this year will be no different!

Stay tuned for more details, but until then see below to read one of my guest posts on her blog—and be sure to give her a shout and follow :-*


Purple Paintbrush

The Great Masturbator, Salvador Dali. 1929

Talking about sex is either two things: icky or pornographic. I can sort of promise not to touch on either of those two but I am possibly the WORST person to speak on this topic because I think that sex is absolutely hilarious! However, I had a long talk with one of my classy friends about sex today and I think I got the worst of the 13 year old boy out of my system and I’m ready to be a big girl about this now.

So, why even discuss sex and sexuality as it relates to Dali? I mean, this is Salvador freakin’ Dali we’re talking about! The man embodies unbridled passion and hedonistic impulsiveness at its most clever. If you are bold enough to declare that you are drugs, doesn’t that make you sex and rock and roll, too? (Electric guitar solo)…

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