We Are Tired (Guest Post!)

 *This is a guest post written by my sister L. DAVIS. Enjoy!


WATThe black woman is tired. If I hear another story about how the black man is not doing his part, I’m going start a Million Woman March so we can officially claim our independence from this nonsense. I understand our history of slavery and how the black family was torn apart and yes, I feel the effects of the pain that was inflicted on us but—come on black man! Rise up!

The black woman is not the enemy! We were made to help lift you up when you are being torn down by this fallen world. Yes, we are doing our thing by getting educated, becoming professionals and taking care of our families…hell, it’s all hard work. But…we do it for you! We do it so that the cruel world that you have to face every day doesn’t come into your home. The place you lay your head and get love and protection from the self-esteem killers called the World.

Black man YOU are not the enemy. If you have your health and are in your right mind, there is no reason why you can’t rise up. Rise up and be the king, the warrior that you were called to be. It is time for the WOE IS ME mindset to be annihilated…there is no need for it. You are blessed with the tools to achieve what you desire. YOU are standing in your way. I know you didn’t have a daddy growing up or a positive role model. I know that you came from a broken society that didn’t fully understand the purpose and meaning of your life. That is no excuse.

We are tired! The women who are supposed to be your Queens, the women who conform to all of your wants and desires even when it’s not reciprocated. We do that so you know we are on your side and that we love you and no matter what is going on out there we got your back. We are tired of being your whipping board for all the things that are not well with the world. We are tired of being emotionally drained because you don’t have a clue as to who you are and what you are supposed to do. Take a look in the mirror and see— Black man; you can be whatever you desire to be. That’s why the black woman was created to help you achieve.

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