Comfortably Numb

October 10 I am participating in the Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention walk. It pains me to even go back and read this post but I am sharing my personal stories of depression to highlight the need for treatment and suicide prevention. You can also visit the community page of my website:

WG's Embrace the Crazy

For more information or to sponsor my walk to prevent suicide click here.

I just finished eating dinner. I washed it all down with a gin and ginger ale in an effort to keep things cool and in control. This is a terrible habit that began years ago and I’m a bit ashamed for not being totally upfront about it. While I do not take mood-altering medication, I do drink—probably heavily. I haven’t decided how much of a problem it is. I do know, that it is frustrating for me. I am sure there are women out there that have fought similar battles and are single mothers that can deal with the same hardships in stride. At some point in my life I’ve had to accept that I am soft hearted. I don’t feel exactly like the rest and I’m not able to recover as quickly. To be strong…

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CAN Collector

I wrote this only about 6 months ago, as a follow up to The Price of Slapping a Bitch, but I am reblogging for #RememberSeptember because I found myself watching marathon episodes of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood over the weekend and it reminded me to appreciate corny, nice guys all that much more. Pop culture tends to show a warped view of what’s cool and acceptable and what’s not– as for me I will continue to rebel against it… Enjoy

WG's Embrace the Crazy

OK, so one thing about little miss crazy that wrote me a nasty note and left it on my car. I’ve since calmed down and realized that while I want violence to be the answer, I can’t justify stooping to such ratchet levels– but that’s not what I’m going to talk about today. In the infamous note, homegirl referred to my dude as a “corny ass nigga” (in a half-assed attempt to limit cursing and the N-word on the blog I will reference the word as CAN). My question of the day is: OK, so what’s wrong with a CAN??

SBMThroughout my strange dating life I have definitely showed a history of CAN collecting. Sure, I’ve dated all types of men, but the ones I really hit it off with and wanted to retain for relationship building were absolutely CANs. Case and point: the baby daddies. My 8 year old’s father still likes the Power…

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Can You Pay My Bills?

A short one– fun to write and one of my favorites! #RememberSeptember

WG's Embrace the Crazy

I’ve been reading a lot of shitty dating books lately. As is my way, I’ve honed in on something and allowed myself to completely obsess about it. I apologize to those who aren’t really interested in the topic but I get approached so much, it made me realize that I should probably figure out my stance on the whole thing. (That sentence sounds arrogant, but I know I’m no Rihanna and that I only get approached a lot because there are a lot of really aggressive men in the area I live in. They aren’t necessarily interested in ME but any warm vagina in general).

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I never really had to bother dating at all. High school was a bust, no one was interested so there was no learning experience there. After high school apparently there were guys interested but I was in my own world. I…

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There Is A Demon That Follows Me and I Can’t Escape It

*It was emotional for me to look back and read this post. I am fortunate in that I am not in this place anymore. The main trigger for my darkest moments of depression were life events that I just didn’t know how to overcome. I am still prone to melancholy but I fight so hard not to let me emotions completely derail me. Though I fear going back to that place, I rebel against it everyday by daring to choose happiness. I know it’s not this uncomplicated for most, and for them I fight as well…

WG's Embrace the Crazy

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The main reasons I prefer to work in downtown Washington, DC is, of course, all the colorful characters I get to meet. When I was 19 and landed my first temp job in the city I had to walk to the bank to make a deposit everyday, and everyday I would take the long route. It was on those trips I met a homeless guy named Ron that was kind of crazy in the head but totally loveable. For whatever reason, I have softness in my heart for the homeless and hungry. It physically hurts me to watch others walk by everyday as if the homeless don’t even exist. As if their speaking voices are on mute or another frequency from that of the rest of the world; no one is listening.

I understand on some level that it’s not always feasible to give away cash to…

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I wrote this entry not very long ago and I am only reblogging it to put myself in check. I recently posted 2 pictures of #Bae on social media. Once I posted the one, something came over me and I just HAD to post more. I must resist these urges, and remind myself to maintain my own private level of happiness and anonymity. In spite of my recent actions to the contrary, I still stand by this post!

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Social media is the devil, but I still hear it calling me! My problem is that I do things ass backward by reporting and sharing all the terrible shit that’s going on in my life– dating or otherwise– and I feel weird about sharing when it’s good.

No One Likes A Humble Brag

When I was down and out in relationship hell going through my divorce and break up I felt it was the sworn duty of my friend’s to listen to my pain and anguish with their “Mmhmm, girl’s” armed and ready. That’s what friends DO!! But now that I’ve settled into something substantial with a romantic partner that seems to actually love and respect me I feel a little censored. Who can I gush to about my consistent good morning texts and “just checking in” phone calls? The answer: no one.

I try my hardest to regulate my “JW…

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As Long As My Bitches Love Me

*This was not only super fun to write—it was super fun to LIVE! I still have only great things to say on the subject on online dating—I highly recommend it and I wish it didn’t carry the stigma that it does. To some, it is considered lazy, or bottom of the barrel or desperate but with all this technology we have access to, I just see it as a sign of the times. Two people have to meet somehow and as long as you are able to build upon that initial connection who really cares how it all went down? Anywho—please read and enjoy one of my favorite posts and definitely a favorite with the readers

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I was in the grocery store with one of my closest guy friends, in the check-out line after spending our entire shopping time talking about the latest woes of my love life. I was knee deep in the online dating lifestyle and I still couldn’t figure out what exactly I was getting out of the situation. My online messaging system seemed to be going off nonstop and before I could respond to one I was receiving a message from another. Meanwhile, the guys that I actually corresponded with on the phone didn’t seem to be really doing anything but randomly checking in with me. My reaction to this was like a crack addict looking for the next high—I was beginning to feel like I needed to cycle in a new batch of men to satisfy my need for attention!

I pushed the cart through the store lamenting to my homie…

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Intertwine: A Tale of Casual Sex

*This is one of my favorites. It reads as a love story but it’s definitely a serious message to all my man friends out there that casual sex is often very difficult for women! I had a FB friend who was moved by this perspective enough to share it with his large following. It is, to date, one of my most viewed posts (although the ladies definitely gave me slack for how I chose to end it!) Anyway, enjoy…

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I’m nervous but I’m calm. My breathing is even. My thoughts center around my stomach—I don’t want him to touch it. But you can’t censor others while in the throes of passion so I watch as his hand travels the length of my side, caresses around and finds my belly and squeezes the fleshy substance there. I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying something overly self-conscious and perhaps ruining the moment. I am calm on the outside but too shy and afraid to touch him just yet.

I usually like to offer a full body massage—it’s a way to familiarize myself with someone’s body for nonsexual purposes and it clears my head and relieves tension. There is something about the feel of someone’s skin underneath the palm of your hand or directly against yours that is enough to be a complete pleasure overload. But…

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