Intertwine: A Tale of Casual Sex

*This is one of my favorites. It reads as a love story but it’s definitely a serious message to all my man friends out there that casual sex is often very difficult for women! I had a FB friend who was moved by this perspective enough to share it with his large following. It is, to date, one of my most viewed posts (although the ladies definitely gave me slack for how I chose to end it!) Anyway, enjoy…

WG's Embrace the Crazy

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I’m nervous but I’m calm. My breathing is even. My thoughts center around my stomach—I don’t want him to touch it. But you can’t censor others while in the throes of passion so I watch as his hand travels the length of my side, caresses around and finds my belly and squeezes the fleshy substance there. I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying something overly self-conscious and perhaps ruining the moment. I am calm on the outside but too shy and afraid to touch him just yet.

I usually like to offer a full body massage—it’s a way to familiarize myself with someone’s body for nonsexual purposes and it clears my head and relieves tension. There is something about the feel of someone’s skin underneath the palm of your hand or directly against yours that is enough to be a complete pleasure overload. But…

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