I wrote this entry not very long ago and I am only reblogging it to put myself in check. I recently posted 2 pictures of #Bae on social media. Once I posted the one, something came over me and I just HAD to post more. I must resist these urges, and remind myself to maintain my own private level of happiness and anonymity. In spite of my recent actions to the contrary, I still stand by this post!

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Social media is the devil, but I still hear it calling me! My problem is that I do things ass backward by reporting and sharing all the terrible shit that’s going on in my life– dating or otherwise– and I feel weird about sharing when it’s good.

No One Likes A Humble Brag

When I was down and out in relationship hell going through my divorce and break up I felt it was the sworn duty of my friend’s to listen to my pain and anguish with their “Mmhmm, girl’s” armed and ready. That’s what friends DO!! But now that I’ve settled into something substantial with a romantic partner that seems to actually love and respect me I feel a little censored. Who can I gush to about my consistent good morning texts and “just checking in” phone calls? The answer: no one.

I try my hardest to regulate my “JW…

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