There Is A Demon That Follows Me and I Can’t Escape It

*It was emotional for me to look back and read this post. I am fortunate in that I am not in this place anymore. The main trigger for my darkest moments of depression were life events that I just didn’t know how to overcome. I am still prone to melancholy but I fight so hard not to let me emotions completely derail me. Though I fear going back to that place, I rebel against it everyday by daring to choose happiness. I know it’s not this uncomplicated for most, and for them I fight as well…

WG's Embrace the Crazy

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The main reasons I prefer to work in downtown Washington, DC is, of course, all the colorful characters I get to meet. When I was 19 and landed my first temp job in the city I had to walk to the bank to make a deposit everyday, and everyday I would take the long route. It was on those trips I met a homeless guy named Ron that was kind of crazy in the head but totally loveable. For whatever reason, I have softness in my heart for the homeless and hungry. It physically hurts me to watch others walk by everyday as if the homeless don’t even exist. As if their speaking voices are on mute or another frequency from that of the rest of the world; no one is listening.

I understand on some level that it’s not always feasible to give away cash to…

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