Can You Pay My Bills?

A short one– fun to write and one of my favorites! #RememberSeptember

WG's Embrace the Crazy

I’ve been reading a lot of shitty dating books lately. As is my way, I’ve honed in on something and allowed myself to completely obsess about it. I apologize to those who aren’t really interested in the topic but I get approached so much, it made me realize that I should probably figure out my stance on the whole thing. (That sentence sounds arrogant, but I know I’m no Rihanna and that I only get approached a lot because there are a lot of really aggressive men in the area I live in. They aren’t necessarily interested in ME but any warm vagina in general).

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I never really had to bother dating at all. High school was a bust, no one was interested so there was no learning experience there. After high school apparently there were guys interested but I was in my own world. I…

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