CAN Collector

I wrote this only about 6 months ago, as a follow up to The Price of Slapping a Bitch, but I am reblogging for #RememberSeptember because I found myself watching marathon episodes of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood over the weekend and it reminded me to appreciate corny, nice guys all that much more. Pop culture tends to show a warped view of what’s cool and acceptable and what’s not– as for me I will continue to rebel against it… Enjoy

WG's Embrace the Crazy

OK, so one thing about little miss crazy that wrote me a nasty note and left it on my car. I’ve since calmed down and realized that while I want violence to be the answer, I can’t justify stooping to such ratchet levels– but that’s not what I’m going to talk about today. In the infamous note, homegirl referred to my dude as a “corny ass nigga” (in a half-assed attempt to limit cursing and the N-word on the blog I will reference the word as CAN). My question of the day is: OK, so what’s wrong with a CAN??

SBMThroughout my strange dating life I have definitely showed a history of CAN collecting. Sure, I’ve dated all types of men, but the ones I really hit it off with and wanted to retain for relationship building were absolutely CANs. Case and point: the baby daddies. My 8 year old’s father still likes the Power…

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2 thoughts on “CAN Collector

  1. First, your blog is totally awesome! I love well written life stories but word to the wise, be careful what you blog! The girl you were referring to in the original post was my cousin! Yes, the morbidly obese girl who will crush your life if she sees this. You may want to delete it because when I tell her she’s gonna flip! The story sounded oddly familiar but when you mentioned Bobbi Kristina I was like oh snap, it just got real. I know what was written on that note and you shouldn’t have taken it lightly. Ive witnessed it as well, I thought she was exaggerating cause she can do that sometime but Girl, she’s not and you’re too beautiful to deal with that foolishness. Oh, you may want to do a pop visit one day, never take anybody’s word for anything. -Peace

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