10 Reasons Black Men Shouldn’t Release Derogatory Lists About Black Women (A Fuck You Tribute to Ice T)


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10. Black women don’t need to jump in the pool to have a good time. Is it really about the weave? Most likely not, because women of other races wear just as much as we do! And really, how is not wanting to frolic in germ infested waters with harmful chemicals a REASON to not be with another human being.

This is stupid…

09. Black women are not afraid to challenge you. Do you want a “yes woman” or an active partner who will mentally stimulate you? I’m a grown ass woman, I’m not trying to fight you, but I do know there is a time to fall back and submit in a relationship and a time speak up. A romantic relationship does not give a man free reign to control your life.

Futhermore, there are weak women with low self-esteem of every race. To make the general statement that white women don’t talk back or argue is careless and racist. Sooo, you just insulted your girl, too.

08. It’s easier to introduce them to family. “Hey, this is Shaniqua.” Versus, “Hey this is Becky, my trophy girlfriend and gateway to finally escaping my black race. I hate myself and I have low self-esteem so I chose a woman with the lightest skin and the biggest (surgically enhanced) ass which is ok as my personal choice. However, I choose to shit on other black women and discourage other men from dating them as well because I’m a piece of shit human being with house slave mentality.”

07. Black women have no ceilings in the bedroom…we just don’t brag about it in Playboy or in the streets. When everyone finds out your woman is a freak in the sheets, they all start trying to fuck her (hence the lovely CoCo cheating on you multiple times)

06. Black women don’t need to be in a rap video. Who hurt you, boo? Sounds like you ran into a run of the mill gold digger and (surprise!) those come in all races. There are gorgeous black women in rap videos and there are ratchet women… but if you google their names you won’t find their vaginas all over the internet.

05. Black women spoil men minus the TMZ or social media coverage. In the bedroom, in the kitchen and in faithfulness and loyalty; material gifts do not equal love. Kim Kardashian gave Kanye a birthday present…ok, but the genital herpes she gave him proooobably didn’t get quite the same news coverage.

04. Any grown man should know that if you are treating a woman the way you should you won’t hear any complaining or nagging in the first place. Nagging is the sign that you are not making your girl happy period. Coco doesn’t go through your phone because she knows if you returned the favor you’d find out about ALL THE OTHER DUDES SHE’S SLEEPING WITH, old man!

03. Do you remember the sweat glistening on your mother’s black skin as she cooked and cleaned and took care of you? So who says black women don’t cook or clean? Furthermore, submission and service come out of a place of love, not for a man to hold over a woman as a control device. As I maintain house and home, what are you doing to uphold your part? Is she your girl or your white slave?

02. You ever hit a naturally big booty from the back?

01. Stupid women who don’t know any better are more fun. Period. I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians and only Khloe is even mildly interesting. A white woman is not more fun than I am because she can jump in a pool and pretends your penis is huge during oral sex. Women are not accessories or play toys, we are human beings and your list is bullshit you fucking sellout

In conclusion, stop parading around these HOES as if they are somehow better than the every day black woman simply because their skin is white. We have enough opposition coming at us from all sides and we don’t need our brothers, fathers, cousins, old washed up Uncle Tom ass rappers to disrespect us on top of that. You can date whoever the hell you want, we don’t want to be with someone who will make us ashamed of who we are anyway. Kanye felt he had to take several showers after being with Amber Rose but his current wife is famous for a (boring) sex tape she made with one of the biggest scumbags on the Hollywood D list. White is not always right, and when you are nonwhite and proclaim as much you are just broadcasting to the world that you hate yourself.

Maybe try rewriting this list when you at least have a wife comfortable in her own horribly aging skin, minus the plastic surgery and minus all the nudes and the hoe reputation. Please and thank you 🙂

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