6 Reasons You Can Totally and ABSOLUTELY Wear A Crop Top (if you want to)

**This is a sneak peak into my open mic set tonight!**

C Top

Even I absolutely and totally wear a crop top (when I want to)


6. Spanx (for that under belly action)

5. Men (if you care about their opinion at all) have short attention spans. They pay attention to the best parts of you and tend to ignore and forgive for the rest. Perk up the girls in a revealing top and fully enjoy that plate of nachos!

4. Flowy sweaters are equally forgiving of any weight transgressions and/or body flaws. If you’re not comfortable in your skin just YET and want to try the new crop top trend flowy sweaters are your friend!

3. You are not Kim Kardashian—you are You Jones (or whatever your last name is), your body is not your money maker (unless you’re a stripper then you are probably wearing a lot less than a crop top…)you don’t have to worry about being criticized and/or living up to the impossible beauty standards of some rich person married to Kanye West. You can’t afford surgery, and do you really want to do 2,000 sit ups a day when you can watch Love and Hip Hop while eating nachos? (Especially, the supreme kind with all the sour cream…)

2. Winnie the Pooh  has slayed in a cute little crop top with no pants for years.

1. The number one reason you can totally and absolutely wear a crop top (if you want to) is because life is best lived when you give less than (but not equal to) two shits about what anyone thinks about you and your body. Love it, dress it well, and be happy in it, dammit 🙂


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