On Activism

Someone asked me if I was a part of the Black Lives Matter movement—and I thought it was a strange question.

I am black, and I don’t want to die.

So, yes…indeed I am. There is activism in conversation, donation, presence and in spreading positivity and love when the people are weary. Aren’t we all activists?

Whatever moves you– be moved and it doesn’t matter if you were moved late in the game. There is no bandwagon, there is no “too late” but there is always NOW.


3 thoughts on “On Activism

  1. There is always now but now is fleeting. As recent events have shown there is much work to be done and that’s the problem with bandwagoners. They tend to hop off at some point. We need people to care, get motivated and active for the duration. #LOVE

    • If someone hops on a bandwagon and spreads a message, however brief their stay is on the wagon they could have potentially moved someone else to act or taught someone else. I understand the judgment for “bandwagoners” but I do think there is value in trying to maximize our impact and influence while people are caring so that they care LONGER and BEYOND. Disdain for people you deem as not active enough can also be a reason why people choose to hop off

  2. “There is activism in conversation, donation, presence and in spreading positivity and love when the people are weary. Aren’t we all activists?”
    –This is my favourite part. I firmly believe that if you align with core values of a movement toward social change, and you do your part in contributing to through conversation, presence or donation, you are an activist for it. I don’t believe that physical signs of protest are the only ways to make our mark on an issue. I do believe however that no change can start without people sharing their stories. I should be upfront and state that I am a caucasian female who lives in Australia, and can only claim a small outsiders knowledge of the rocky terrain this movement is up against in America, but things like clicktivism/slacktivism/hashtag activism… whatever you want to call it do not mean a contribution is worth less. Hashtags allow us to join a dialogue, have our say, and express solidarity. If you haven’t heard of it, there was a small movement in Aus called #Illridewithyou. There are massive systemic problems within our government that all too often allow racial vilification to happen in legislation as well as in the behaviours of our publics. It has never been acceptable, but it feels like we are in the middle of a world-wide uprising against this sort of thing. And the only way change starts, is with people like you and me sharing our experiences in the world. Breaking down barriers, misunderstandings and reasserting the idea that none of us are really all that different. I’m currently working on trying to change the ways people engage with activism, and their ideas around how they can contribute. Hopefully you find some cool stuff on my blog too…

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