Don’t React

Talk to black men they have much to say, the world is on their shoulders at this moment. Black men live the paradox of existing as villain and victim…it is a strange world. The emotions they are taught to stifle are boiling over; when black mustachioed lips part to speak: agree or disagree I am going to listen.

If you have a moment please read the words of JW, the most significant black male voice and presence in my life.



Your people were taken from your their homeland. But told don’t (react!?)

Your people were then enslaved! But told don’t (react!?)

Your people for the next few hundred years were treated without dignity or human rights. But told don’t (react!?)

Countless Black Fathers, Brothers, Husbands and Sons! MEN! Our Black Men!!! Hung from trees and tortured! Many burned and beaten. Forced to do the back breaking labor no White person wanted to do. But told don’t (react!?)

Countless Black Mothers, Sisters, Wives, and Daughters! Women! Our Black Women!!! Raped and tortured, forced to birth children that clearly weren’t of love and bonding relationships but from rape. Forced to cook clean and do yard work that NO White Woman wanted to do. But told don’t (react!?)

They Breed us as if we were novelty dogs! The big  and strong with the big and strong hoping to create super niggers! #Facts But told don’t (react!?)

They deprived us of education and the ability to advance our minds as a people. But told don’t (react!?)

Now I pose a question to you!

What has changed?

We aren’t burned or hung from trees anymore…now we are just shot by cops and each other (honestly speaking)

Our Black Women aren’t being raped  and forced to do housework for other households but she is forced to raise her own single parent home because the system has taken her Black King in one form or the other! Forced black on black crime in the streets due to lack of education and no role models. Dead by the hands of cops! Or a victim to the system of justice that seems to unjustly rule against our black men for crimes of which when committed by a white man aren’t punished the same! But told don’t (react!?)

When the Gov tells you (Yes) in the 21st century…..not hundreds of years ago that hey we wanted to destroy blacks and their neighborhoods all together so we injected into their communities large amounts of drugs (CIA) did this! So that we could systematically watch them destroy themselves by selling it to one another. So they began locking up those that they gave it to, to sell….then arrest the users! Now homes were absent of fathers and the mothers turned to drugs for comfort as well because of the stress and burdens of now running a whole house alone when the dad is dead or in jail or strung out. Now we have displaced kids of junkie parents or criminals or worse dead all together! But yet told don’t (react!?)

Well my last question to you is this???

Why would someone tell you not to (RE) (ACT)??? Hmmm? Because they don’t want you to do back to them what’s been done to you! Look at the word itself! It is an action that can only happen if there is first an action done……

For too long we’ve had actions done to us……..

It is time for once to do actions back upon them!!! REACT!!!

Many will say YoungMarley what do you mean when you say REACT! Simple:

The boycott of the bus system got black people rights on buses! If you can’t see by now that what matters to (White Governing Officials) is not our lives but our dollars spent back with them. So….(I know this sounds crazy but would work) if we as a people(black people and supporters of the cause) nation wide went on a not spending with white america (business) strike we would get what demands we have met! All kinds of committees would meet and conferences would be set! Then laws would be passed and acts enacted. Trust me I know I’m right.

Think about it! When baseball came under scrutiny for steroids they had committees and panels meet to discuss and sort things out! People were punished and rules were changed and put in place! WHY??? Because White Governing Officials didn’t wanna see a nation wide money hog take a hit and lose popularity thus losing money! It wasn’t about rules and setting examples for kids coming up to not dope!…..if you believe that it was then I have lake side property for you on Mars!

Attack the Market for a few days/weeks by not spending and man watch what happens.

No Speeches, No Marches, No Fires will fix this! Only the Black Dollar can.



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