Undive/Middle River: Salvador Dali Tribute

Happy Birthday to my favorite artist, Salvador Dali!

To honor and celebrate this day, each year I try to collaborate with my best friend (another favorite artist and painter) Traci, and I’m really excited about our plans this time around!

Tune into the blog all this week as we combine the world of creative writing with modern art, as I’ll be sharing poetry and writing pieces to go along with her visuals. I feel honored to be involved in this collaboration. Traci is an up and coming artist who produces bold works that never cease to pull at my heart strings and inspire me to be better, work harder and feel all the things. Please please follow her blog: A Purple Paintbrush, and visit her website www.tracilturner.com to view and purchase more of her works.


Undive ~ Traci L. Turner

I swim, to the middle of your river and
Let me drown
In my own expectations and frivolities– all the lies you’ve said to me
The scent of you all over me
Washed in these waters; I can’t get clean
Or rid of the stink of reality
If the illusion of truth lies on the surface
I choose to sink
Never to emerge from underneath
Too broken and damaged

Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Wow, I am truly honored to accept this award and I thank fellow blog sister Beckysonnet130 (Check out her blog: Creativity Is Key) for nominating me!

The best thing about blog awards is that you are nominated by fellow bloggers–this award in particular is for those you find inspiring, or who bring inspiration to those who read their work.

Rules of Acceptance are:

Display the Award Certificate on your website
Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
Present the award to deserving bloggers
Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
Post 7 interesting things about yourself

My nominees

Purple Paintbrush – this is my BFF’s blog about making and sharing art. It inspires me to create and keep going even when I bore myself. I decided to start blogging because she paved the way in deciding to share her talent through the blogging experience.

Gotta Find A Home – I admire this blog, and I truly have a special place in my heart for the plight of the homeless.

Things My Ex Said – this blog is hilarious and something I endlessly browse and laugh at. It makes me feel safe knowing I’m not the only one dealing with crazies in the dating/relationship world.


Seven Interesting Things About Me

1. I am obsessed with surrealist painter Salvador Dali, and I celebrate his birthday (May 11) each year.

2. I call my laptop my boyfriend.

3. I tried to write the story of my life but had to stop because my 20s seemed too unrealistic.

4. I was a 7th grade county spelling bee champ and I still take my title seriously today….

5. I actually believe in love at first sight.

6. I am a shoe and mascara whore– you can never have too much of either

7. I fall in love a little each time I meet someone new 🙂