I Get By With A Little Help from My Friends

Ok, so the plan was to post about work life all last week but that didn’t exactly turn out how I wanted because I’m irresponsible. I got a lot of feedback from the work logs and I appreciate all the support! Confession: It’s actually really tough for a person that lives too much in their head. I love that people are connecting, are feeling—embracing (so corny) but when I hear positive feedback I psych myself out and get nervous about what people think. In spite of that, I’m trying get over myself and to continue to write as candidly as possible.

Summing up the work week: I made it through and I was terrified that I wasn’t going to. I also drank a lot this week—but I suppose getting over familiar coping mechanisms is something that’s going to take a bit of time. My supervisor was very sweet to me and so was everyone in the office upon my departure. Though I was doing menial work, it did feel good to be spoken to and respected as a fellow accountant (of sorts).  I forget the experience I have in the field because I do get caught up in the fact that I don’t have a degree but hearing all the terminology and being in the atmosphere reminded me that in spite of the my job situation I am good at what I do. I love to write, it’s my passion and it’s who I am but I also have a special (dorky) place in my heart for accounting. I need to figure out what I’m going to do with my life…

Summing up the week: Having friends and strangers understand what this week was for me was priceless. It was very sweet the texts and comments I got on my posts encouraging me to hang in there—and all the people who laughed with me and shared their own stories. This blog is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made—it prevents me from completely curling up into a ball of depression and shutting everyone out. This forces me to be even more open and honest than I already am (if that’s possible). Ok, I’m only going to say this once: THANK YOU ALL, for your support and love and interest and encouragement and laughs. I do laugh at myself a lot but I’m also very pained and for the life of me I am trying to work through it. This helps.

I plan to resume my regular posting on various topics and for those of you who don’t really like to read, I’ll be be back to posting the pics too!

–Your Homie



I Hope There’s No Camera in the Break Room

Day 1: Uncomfortable Incidences

            Got lost on my way to the bathroom (this is a given)

            Accidentally knocked down paper towel roll

It appears some of my cheap ass nail polish has smeared onto a few  documents

 I’ve squoze back into my little work pencil skirt and here I am, behind a desk again. The awesome upside is that because I’m specialized in the accounting field I get paid a little bit more than the average temp to essentially do the same filing and data entry crap. For this I am grateful! I’m sure I don’t have to share exactly how and why temp work absolutely sucks. For starters, I’ve met everyone on staff via awkward hellos as they were en route to the breakroom and/or bathroom. Also, you have to get a key from the receptionist to use the bathroom and I’m just not sure Mary and I are that close where she should be privy to my bathroom habits.

This morning I walked into the break room and the very first thing I noticed was the huge screen tv in the corner and a bottle of wine next to the coffee pot– things were looking up! However, microwaving my leftovers for lunch I noticed there was organic ketchup in the condiments drawer soooo I’m just hoping to successfully avoid the person that belongs to. (Organic ketchup = douchebag). I’m working for these cute little ladies that are all chatty and no clear directions. They’re so busy they barely wait to even listen to all I have to say before they’re moving on to the next thing– which works for me because I trail off the end of my sentences anyway because lazy. The major dilemma of the morning is that my breath smelled appalling. I usually keep gum in my purse but I had to swap out my hippie “Jerusalem” sack that my parents gave me when they went to Israel, for a regular purse and some stuff got lost in the transition. So, I’m towering over these tiny women with my awful breath and I think I know what a fire breathing dragon feels like.  You know, minus the power of setting people on fire to get what I want. Wow, this is starting to sound crazy!  Goodbye for now, I’ll keep you posted on day two.

Notes to self:

-Stop saying “yeah” say “yes.”

-Maybe less eyeliner tomorrow, your eyes keep watering.

-Bring snacks, you are HUNGRY!

-Remember the high powered electric stapler makes a loud noise and try not to shit yourself every.single. time you staple something!

–Ur Homie