Coffee with Whiskey Recap

Every 2nd and 4th Saturdays I have the honor of hanging out at my good friend’s art space sharing poetry and chatting about mental health and expressive journaling. If you are in the Washington, DC area I encourage you to join us anytime!

Last session, we had a meaningful discussion about the difficulty of letting go of the expectations of others. This can be especially tough when many of us are conditioned to seek the approval of our family members and close friends even when it doesn’t line up with our personal aspirations or our own authenticity.

It’s important to remember that true love and acceptance is unconditional. Learning to set boundaries and to release yourself of the pressure others may put upon you is a strenuous journey that may lead to the loss of relationships along the way. I assure you, the price of your own personal freedom is well worth the hardship you may experience once you make the decision to embark on this path.

Sounds easier said than done, right? Well, meditate on this!

Writing/Journaling Prompt

Write about a day in your life, 5 years from now, that reflects your idea of true freedom.

Are you working the same job? Do you have the same friends? What truly makes you feel happy and at peace?

(Tip: try to stay away from fantasy and paint a realistic picture–these should look like achievable goals for your future.)

Happy writing! I hope to see you February 9 for our next sessionšŸ’š

Good Vibes Always


There’s A Blueberry Pop Tart in the Bottom of My Purse

I forget to set aside time in the morning to cry as I realize that more than half the outfits I’ve set out for work no longer fit me. Mini nervous breakdowns are never that productive.

I have a few back entries I have yet to post as I am feeling censored and scared. Narcissism sometimes mixes with pure insecurity and makes a nasty concoction that paralyzes my writing. I’ve been thinking of this as a way to finally connect and bring myself closer to people but I fear its only succeeded in alienating me even more. I worry I’m sharing too much and its taking its toll. And I wonder if I am the car accident you drive slowly by that you can’t turn away from. I didn’t intend for this to be public record of my demise. Hopefully this depression is at its peak and I can somehow emerge from this local insanity.

There’s a blueberry pop tart in the bottom of my purse.